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Updated information about the 2020/2021 Monthly Electronic Imaging Division competition effective September 2020

EID 2020-2021 Updates


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


October 2020 Monthly EID - Traditional

October 2020 Monthly EID - Monochrome

Oct 2020 MEID-T
Oct 2020 MEID-M

October 2020 Monthly EID - Altered Reality

Summer 2020 Quarterly EID - Traditional

Oct 2020 MEID-A
Summer 2020 Traditional QEID

Summer 2020 Quarterly EID - Monochrome

Summer 2020 Quarterly EID - Altered Reality

Summer 2020 Monochrome QEID
Summer 2020 Altered Reality QEID


We meet quarterly, January, April, July and during the Convention (September or October) on Saturdays (with the exception of the Convention meeting) at a location chosen by the hosting club, we typically meet over lunch at 12:00 pm.

Membership Dues

Individual Clubs                                                 $35.00

Dues are payable in September and must be paid no later than convention to be in good standing.  Paid member clubs are eligible to compete in the monthly, quarterly, and annual competitions.

If you prefer to mail a check Email the Treasurer for the address


Guests are welcome at all meetings and there is no guest fee to attend.


Print and EID competitions are held each month from October through May.  Quarterly EID competitions are held quarterly.

Annual Awards

Annual awards are announced and given during the convention.